A downloadable alt controller game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Patata Non Grata is a game created for the Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2015. Gameplay is straight-forward: shake the controller to get rid of the patata non grata. The player holding the patata when the game is over loses.

The game was realized in a single evening after I broke the sensores I initially wanted to work with.

Music by Frankum.

Thanks to Anne, Daniel & Raghav for support and to my players for playing & testing!


PatataNonGrata.app.zip 16 MB
PatataNonGrataAllPlatforms.zip 86 MB

Install instructions

Only tested on Mac. Pair Move controllers with psmoveapi. Then start the game. It will tell you on screen if it has found enough controllers or not.

I've included Mac and Windows builds but not tested them and neither do I know how to pair Move controllers there. In theory, it should work as soon as you have those connected via Bluetooth. Good luck & please report back if it works!


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I can't really rate it, as I don't have a Mac device to play it. Looks quite fun and I like the no-screen design. The dynamic of holding on to the Patata and then throwing it around with gestures seems to be easy to understand and try to master. Will there be a Linux / Win port? It would be much easier to test.


I've just added Windows and Linux builds. I think you won't be ablte to rate many games if you require to try them out, given the fact that most of them require unique controllers. Thanks for the kind words, though :)

I'll try it on the weekend. Yes, I guess I should rate the games without playing. I'll let you know if I manage to run it on Linux. :)

Good luck with that. I haven't even got a Linux VM currently. Come to think of it, I should make one for testing.